I take a research first approach to create user experience designs. I focus on supporting the user's tasks and motivations while providing an efficient flow that business partners love.

You are not your user

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UX design, user testing, discovery and ideation workshops.

High fidelity prototypes, user research reports, information architecture.

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"I don't have enough time if I have like five customers and I'm trying to tailor an offer."

Asurion customers who have coverage on their phones get tech support. There are multiple ways to get that support: in a physical store location, voice, and chat. In every eligible interaction an expert provides the support and cross-sells a product that will provide coverage over connected devices in the home such as Smart TVs, Alexa, and Nest.

Expert Sales

user testing

Case Studies

"Is it hard to find or is it just not interesting?"

Before going into a major information architecture (IA) research activity, I first needed to confirm a few things. How do customer use this site today? What do the web analytics say? What do they wish the site offered?

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information architecture

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